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Can I file a police report against possible false accusation of stalking

Tacoma, WA |

I am worried a neighbor woman elder to me might file a false stalking report.

She sent me an email saying that I am stalking her...she is kinda jerk/crazy...
so am worried she might actually accuse me for stalking...

Is it wise to file a police report against false accusation...(she gave me in writing that am stalking her)
also is it better for me legal point of view if I file a proactive police report that she might file a false stalking charge?

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I am not sure what you should do. I need more info. Consult with an attorney.
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If you don't already have a lawyer, hire one to help you. The law is complex and there may be things that can be done that you didn't know about. Good luck!

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You need to keep her email, keep a diary of dates, times, events, etc. in the event you are charged in the future. If concerned, consult with a criminal defense attorney to advise you.

I am trying to give you a general answer to your question. We do not have an attorney-client relationship by this response on the avvo website. I have not been retained to represent you. I am licensed to practice law in Kentucky and in federal court in this state and the Southern District of Indiana. You need to seek legal advice from an attorney licensed to practice in your area..


I'd love to tell you that if the accusations are false, you won't be charged. However, that's simply not the case. Cops often do very lop-sided investigations that end up in innocent people getting charged. You should do whatever you need to proactively to protect yourself. If you feel filing a report is necessary, then it probably wouldn't hurt to do so. Try doing it as passively as possible, such as filing it online or making a written statement and dropping it off at the police station. That way, you're not needlessly tying up police resources.

If she's making any specific allegations of your actions, keep records and proof of any alibis you may have. If you end up being contacted by the police about this, decline to make any statements and consult immediately with a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to communicate with the police in a way that will protect you.



Thanks, but some other attorney said .....she saying am stalking her in an email does not constitue accusation I dont know if I can file a police report on that? if yes, What would I say in police report? that she is harrassing me or libel ? and if I file a police report won't it be considered a that am being defensive?