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Can I file a no contact/ restraining order if I live in another state?

Allentown, PA |

I keep getting harassing phone calls and texts from someone in another state, I've already filed a police report and they even called the person to tell them to stop. It worked for a few months but now it started again. What can i do? This person has been harassing me for YEARS. I never want to have contact with this person again but my situation is difficult as it deal with family members, and changing my phone # won't help the situation, the person will still get it one way or the other. Can I file a restraining order or something along those lines? I also have kept emails and text messages proving my point.

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Yes you can file for a restraining order here in CA if the person lives here and is originating the harassment from CA. If this is someone you dated, then the restraining order would be filed in family court under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, as a domestic violence restraining order ("DVRO") application. If it is just someone you are or were acquainted with, but never were married to, had a dating relationship with, or were related to in some way, then it would be a civil restraining order application in civil court. The forms are available online, but unless you intend to fly here, you will need to hire an attorney to appear for you and then you might as well have him/her prepare the paperwork too, so that its done right and you have the best chance of obtaining the restraining order.