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Can I file a Motion to Dismiss a Motion for Summary Adjudication?

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The Motion for Summary Adjudication contains issues that were not presented in the pleadings , are estopped from being presented , and are completely non - responsive to the underlying petition . Can I file a motion to dismiss to get rid of it instead of filing an opposition and having to address the merits of the issues again ?

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No, there is no such procedure to dismiss a pending motion. You need to file a timely written Opposition to the Motion for Summary Adjudication. If there is sufficient notice time (75 days), you might be able to file a cross-motion for summary judgment and/or adjudication.

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No, you can't file a "Motion to Dismiss a Motion for Summary Adjudication"--there is no such thing. Proper procedure is for the non-moving party to file an "Opposition to the Motion for Summary Adjudication." Best of luck to you.


No. If it is that bad, it should be easy to beat.