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Can I file a lawsuit for hostile working conditions, favoritism, or retaliation? What if I feel its because Im a female?

Cullman, AL |

I am absolutely miserable and in pain every day. Lately I feel targeted at work by my supervisors. There are procedures the company is suppose to use to run the production. The other 2 shifts do. They work me alone where there should be two employees due to the size of the production, they run the freight faster to make us leave early. I was being forced by my supervisor to go to another dept that's shorthanded, that is not my dept, im not trained there, and it is very difficult. I asked him not to send me there that night because I wasn't feeling well and couldn't handle it. He told me, if I didn't go, that was job refusal and he would terminate me. Is this true? Do I have a lawsuit? What can I do? He doesn't rotate people and never sends his "favorites", its clear who they are.

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if all of his favorites are males, you might have a case, you can contact the eeoc to file a complaint. you should be prepared to face the consequences though, as retaliation is very common in such circumstances (even though it is of course illegal). You could contact your supervisor's boss to advise that he is not following the rules and treating you differently because you are female.



Thank you very much for responding to my question. When I try to tell friends or family what's going on, they say well he cant do this or he has to do this but you know as well as I do, companies as large as this one do as they want and get away with it because you are very easily intimidated. However Ive had enough and I have worked in extreme working conditions since I was 18. I have always found a belonging in the manufacturing, production, and warehouse industries, and I have always enjoyed my jobs. Maybe not to the point of smiles and rainbows but I certainly have never been so miserable, stressed, and in so much pain physically that I didn't want to go to work. That's just not me. I didn't mention the company's name and I don't think it would be in my best interest not to, but I will tell you enough so you know what I am up against. This is the largest company worldwide, last year this company grossed over 401 billion dollars. I'm sure they have a legal team I couldn't dream of but they have also had several other lawsuits very similar to mine about women being treated unfairly. I hate to make it sound as I'm playing the gender card but you just know when you're not being treated right. You know when you're being excuse my phrase but " crapped on". You most definitely know when you are being picked on, not treated equally, and retaliated against. You just know. In my department there are only 4 other women. The other 25 are men. Whom are treated like kings, choosing their on assignments if they are asked to pick any at all, while I am forced to do assignments that are not even in my department or I am threatened with my job. If you can give me anymore advice to point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I will move forward with filing a complaint with the EEOC. Thank you for your help