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Can I file a lawsuit against the school district for emotional distress?

Deming, NM |

My 11 yr has trouble handling his emotions, he never picks on children,but easily can become aggressive. Kids have identified this weakness & pick on him. I have never had any reports from school, but yesterday, he gets picked on, he pulls the girl's (older) hair, she punches him on the face, he strikes back. The school doesn't even have a report,when I show up the next day for questions, they're not even available. The Principal suspends my child, she says she is basing this on past behavior. Behavior I have no knowledge of, is this appropriate

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When deciding if you should sue someone there are two essential requirements. First, did the person who you think violated your rights have a duty to refrain from the activity that you think would form the basis of a suit or did they have a legal duty to do something and they did not do it. It is very difficult to determine the answer to that question based on the facts you list because it will depend on State law and possibly administrative law in your State and under Federal Law.

The second essential is where there compensable damages? Damages for which a Court can award you monetary awards or injunctive relief (order the other person to do something or stop doing something). If you have both of these elements you may sue.

However, lawsuits take a high degree of expertise and cost money. Many clients have come to me through the years and stated that the money did not matter to them, just the principal of the issue! When I tell them how much I and other lawyers charge by the hour it becomes obvious to them that the value of the lawsuit damages is very important.

You can seek out your lawyer referral service to seek counsel. There are agencies of the State and Federal Government you may want to contact. Talk to a lawyer before you decide to sue someone for expert legal advice!

Good Luck!

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I think some teacher, and the prinpcal know that Children can't sue for pain and suffering, and they uses that and harrass children like they do. And how many children have to take gun and shoot befor someone listern. I think it is ashame that we not have laws to protect our children.And then buy laws we are force to send our children to these school and be torcher for half of the day. And then some children have to go home to a house where their is no rules. I think it is ashame