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Can I file a lawsuit against my employer for giving a random employee my check and cashing it for the employee?

North Richland Hills, TX |

I work for a major grocery store and they recently lost my check. I then found out that they gave it to another employee and they cashed it for him two days after he received his check. I want to file a lawsuit. Do I have a case?

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You likely have legal remedies (which could include a lawsuit), however, if you wish to continue working at this job, it might be prudent to exhaust all non adversarial options prior to doing so. This should be relatively easy to resolve by working together with your payroll and human resources department. Only after you are sure that they are not going to make it right, should you consider contacting an attorney and relaying all the facts of your case.

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I agree with Mr. Rieck about pursuing non-confrontational remedies first, but if that doesn't work:

1. You file a wage claim with the TWC, which is an administrative proceeding that does not require a lawyer. You can find instructions on how to do this on the TWC website.

2. This is also a criminal matter. Someone must have forged your signature on the check, and then someone else must have cashed the check knowing that it wasn't being cashed by you (given that the check was cashed at your grocery store).


Anyone can sue another for any thing. That does not make it a good case nor does it mean that it makes financial sense. A lawyer could charge you many thousands of dollars to pursue such a case. If you pay check is less than this, then it makes no financial sense. Plus, if you still work there, it is not a wise thing to sue your current employer. If you can't get your money, you could file a wage claim with the Texas Workforce Commission.

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