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Can I file a harassment complaint against someone who already filed one against me?

East Quogue, NY |

My neighbor (a Suffolk Cop) has been trespassing on my wetlands property cutting down my buffer so he gets a better view.... He put a gate in his fence to access my property to cut and dump debris. I posted No tresspass signs and put a lot of brush against the gate to keep him out. Ofcourse he is extremely pissed, how dare I protect my property. he filed a false complaint against me for harrassment the other day. Southampton Town Police wont allow me to file a harrassment complaint against him, but they allowed him to file one against me, and get an order of protection.... Meanwhile hes the one always harrassing me when Im in my protected wetlands area making sure hes not doing ant more damage.... I need help!!!
Southampton Town Police are threatening me as welll, because hes a Suff Cop

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it sounds like you have been outlawyered. Hire a lawyer to proceed to protect your rights. Just sitting back and waiting for your opponent to bring the dispute to you is often a losing strategy.

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It appears that you have an action for trespass and destruction of your property. Take pictures and perhaps you may want to install a video camera to use as potential evidence is your civil suit concomitant with a preliminary injunction issued by the Supreme Court in Riverhead.