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Can I file a false allegation report made by a school counselor who claims I was emotionally abusive via text message?

Long Beach, CA |

I realized that my 17yr old was bringing home large sums of money. Alarmed, I sent my daughter a text message (while she was at school) stating that if she didn't tell me where this money was coming from (i.e, drugs, sex, etc.), then she "wasn't welcome home." Apparently, the school counselor asked my kid to read the text message to her. She then filed a DCFS report based on “emotional abuse.” My kid explained that no abuse was or has ever occurred. We have had several officers and social workers stop by the house. The case is now officially closed. This counselor took my comment out of context and she has made my entire family suffer from these allegations. Can I take this matter to court for the emotional distress she has caused my family?

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