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Can I file a defamation of character suit against my accuser?

Dover, DE |

I have been falsely accused of trespassing and destruction of property. My problem is, these accusations are coming from a known drug/alcohol addict so I don't know if I should ignore them. But, she has told these lies to a counselor and I am worried that someone might believe her and I am going into nursing school and don't want any of this nonsense to affect me. Should I take her to court to stop her from telling these lies? She has no proof to back any of this up. She has been in/out of psych hospitals and rehabs. so I don't know if I should even pursue this but I can't let her slander me in this way either.

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A defamation lawsuit is a long and expensive process with a highly uncertain outcome. Try first for a civil restraining order. That may solve your problem, and it will create an official record that you dispute her statements. It is cheap and fast, relatively speaking.

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I generally agree with Ms. McCall, especially respecting the idea of a defamation case. However, I suggest that you at least see an attorney with any of the actual statements this person has made to help you evaluate the potentil success of a restraiing order as restraining speech is very difficult.

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