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Can i file a complaint against my ex-employer, who did not pay me for my last paycheck?

Miami, FL |

I started working for shell rapid lube in june of 1998.I was the manager of the shop until in july of 2009.We get paid every two weeks and i only worked one week, when the check arived mine was not in there but i asked the assitent manager if my hours was on the time sheet and he said yes. I then called the main office and asked why i didn't get paid the secretary said that i have to talk to the owner. I then called the owner and he would not answer his phone so i then left a nice message on the phone and to please call me back please. He never did.

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Attorney answers 2


You can report this to the Department of Labor, Wage & Hour and see if they get you paid or you can hire an attorney that handles Wage & Hour claims. Generally the attorney will take the case on a contingency basis because they will recover their fees from the employer.


One option would be to file a claim in small claims court for the weeks pay. If you win, your employer would be required to pay the filing fee as well as the wages owed.