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Can i file a claim on a car accident that relsulted in death almost five years ago?

Jay, ME |

My father was killed in a car accident in 2004. The other driver fell asleep at the wheel and crossed the center line. As a result my father was pushed up on to the guard rail and the car rolled on to it's hood when it came back down. He died almost immidiatly. i was younger when this happend and didn't understand everything. I'm older now and i'm really upset that this man took away my dad's life without any consequences. He didn't have any legal charges brought up against him. I just don't thinks it's okay for this man to continue to live his life while my father lost his, missed out on his kids, and now his grandkids lives. I think some sort of justice should come from this accident.

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You need to contact a local attorney IMMEDIATELY. Most will not charge for a short, initial consultation and they can tell you what the statute of limitations is in your jurisdiction. But the clock is ticking, so do it NOW. Once the statute of limitations runs, you are barred from bringing suit.


Only an attorney who has heard all the facts of your case can give you an exact answer, but I can tell you in general that time limits on these cases are strict. If you miss the deadline (called a statute of limitations), your case can be barred forever. For some personal injury claims, you have six years, for others you only have two. I'd be happy to recommend an attorney in your area. You can probably get a free consultation. I'd suggest doing this as soon as possible.

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