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Can i fight this ticket ?

Key West, FL |

a mustang know for a very light waight car and is a RWD its really bad in the rain. is really easy too fishtail in the rain because of where the power is being put to the road. The mustang is a front-engine, RWD sports car with some torque to it. With a heavy front, and light, powerful rear, odds are you will fishtail f you take any turn a little too hard. so i got out of work got to a red light i had to make a left 90 degree so when the light turn green i turn it was to much and my back fishtail. i spoone out of control and hit a car. the police later came and ask me a couple of question. the cop was like ur a teen with a mustang u want me to balive u i have deal with a million cases like this let me do my job right he told me he gave me a ticket for to fast for codiont it was 6 point

than a couple of weeks later i got a a letter from tallahasse saying i got a busnies c only cause of to many points. can i fight this ticket and get my licence not fair that he just assume cause im a teen. i go to schol and i have really good grades got 2 diplomas from Adobe and im a dj and run my own computer repair service im very mature . he screw me over casue i need a licence thats how i solve all my problems and busniess do i got a chance to fight it

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The answer is maybe. It depends on how long ago this occurred. Instructions for requesting a hearing to contest the citation should appear on the back of the citation. It will include a strict time limitation in which to request a hearing. Follow the instructions and fight it. You do not have to have an attorney to request a hearing nor have one to assist you with the hearing, but it would be helpful and increase the chances of being successful. I'm from PA, so watch for responses from attorneys licensed in Florida to make sure I have not made any mistake in what I have suggested. Good luck.


Based on what you wrote you don't need a traffic attorney but having one would help. If you are still able to contest the ticket (I would call the courthouse) and your driving record is clean you should attend the traffic hearing and plead no contest. You should receive no points and have to attend driving school and pay Court costs and your fine still but no points. You should still consult a traffic ticket attorney in case there are more facts which would change the procedure.



I cant fight it i got the ticket the 09/28/2012 i thought u could open case or something. well thanks everybody for giving me ur idea and ur answer


You can attend traffic school do that you don't receive points, or hire an attorney to see if the ticket can be reduced or dismissed. Feel free to contact me if you wish to hire an attorney to appear on your behalf.

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