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Can I fight these tickets? If so, how? What are my chances of winning?

Fontana, CA |

I was driving on the freeway about to get off on my exit . There was a sheriff about 5 cars in front of me trying to pull over a car . They were driving about 40 - 50 mph . They decide to get off on the same exit I'm getting off on so I get stuck driving behind them slow . The 5 cars that were between me and the sheriff start going around and then there's just 1 car between us . Once on the off ramp the car between me and the sheriff somehow gets back on the freeway causing me to almost hit him . I braked hard . Then the sheriff sticks his hand out the window pointing at me to pull over He got mad thinking I was going to hit him . I got a ticket for CC 21706 and CC 16028 . I had barely bought the car less then a month ago . I didn't have insurance yet but after I got the ticket , I got insurance .

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Yes get an attorney to assist you. It is not unusual for a police officer to almost cause an accident and then give a ticket to the person they almost hit.

Robert Driessen

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Of course you can fight the charges. It's good that you've gotten insurance, albeit after the fact. As for your chances of winning, that's next to impossible to predict. I suggest hiring a local attorney to do so for you, as it will greatly improve your chances of winning. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


Fight this ticket with an attorney. The insurance charge should fall . Your facts raise some trials me issues .