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Can I fight my own misdemeanor(disorderly conduct) case? I had bad experience with public defenders (For my husband).

Saint Petersburg, FL |

I am a federal employee with 8 years of college with 3 degrees and working on going to medical school. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs. I successfully raised two kids -one in Wake forest pursuing Law and second is going to Emory univ. I take care of a very sick (Bipolar and physical problems)husband. I call police a lot whenever he acts up. The police department are always nasty with me. This time, they beat my husband up and me too. I had a neck surgery few days ago and did not say anything to these officers. One of them snatched the phone out of my hand, hit me, arrested me for calling his boss. I have some really good proofs against the police officers. But I cannot afford a lawyer as I am hurt with 6 herniated discs and out of work and my husband is in state mental hospital for 6 mo.

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This sounds like a possible police brutality / false arrest claim. But without seeing the actual discovery that is a guess at best. | The response given is not intended to create, nor does it create an ongoing duty to respond to questions. The response does not form an attorney-client relationship, nor is it intended to be anything other than the educated opinion of the author. It should not be relied upon as legal advice. The response given is based upon the limited facts provided by the person asking the question. To the extent additional or different facts exist, the response might possibly change. Attorney is licensed to practice law only in the State of Florida. Responses are based solely on Florida law unless stated otherwise.


I would never suggest for anyone represent themselves in a criminal case. Attorneys don't represent themselves, which should tell you something. If you can afford to hire a private attorney, that would be a smart choice.

My comments are provided for general information purposes only. Nothing on this or associated pages, documents, comments, answers, emails, or other communications through Avvo should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. The information on this website is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing of this information does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Lawyers are licensed to practice on a state by state basis; do not act on information contained on this website without first speaking to an attorney licensed to practice in your state.



Agree with Mr. Leydiker. Never good idea to represent yourself in the criminal case no matter how many degrees you have or how smart you are. They are seasoned prosecutors and you are total amateurs. If the government charge you with bogus allegation, then let the public defender fight against them. It's kind of funny that one branch of gov accuse you and the other "defend" you but it's better than you do it. May be you should stop calling the polcie with your domestic problems. We public really don't care about your domestic problme, at least it was your choice choosing the loser. It's not like I were walking the street or going to the doctors offices, minding my own busienss and someone out of no where victimized me.



This is not a domestic problem. If your spouse is having a heart attack, I tell you do not call 911, How bad you will feel? He is diagnosed bipolar and have manic attacks from time to time. Please, when will people understand mental health issues? I did not marry a loser. He has a degree in electronic engineering and a very good father and a husband until 4 years ago. The question is if your spouse gets a sickness like cancer, will you kick him or her out of the house? If you do, very American behavior. No wonder we get so many divorces going on. I took vows and I am going to take care of him until death do us apart. And When did I ask the public for help. I just asked a question. I think you need some education in mental health. People with psychiatric issues are not losers but have chemical issues in their brains instead of bodies. I think you did not read that he helped me raised two kids- one going to law school and another medical school. We are paying taxes every year and were never on public assistant. I do not even need a public defender. I am paying taxes to get these police officers paid. It is their job to help the citizens to help when we need it. They are not helping me free.


I agree with my colleague. Even attorneys do not represent themselves in civil cases - it is said that if you represent yourself, you have a fool for a client. You need legal representation - whether a Public Defender or a private attorney.

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