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Can I fight against a sexual assult case if I was said to be the "victim" after the person was charged ?

Bryan, TX |

I want to fight against the case, because I'm not allowed to have contact with the person claimed to sexually assult me. I was not sexually assualted and I don't want the person to continue being charged with sexual assult. I'm turning 18 in 2 months and I feel my rights have been tooken away from me. From what I understand is once your 18 you are an adult and you have the same rights as everyone else. Is this consider taking a way my rights as a US citizen.

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Call the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office Victim Assistance Coordinator at (979) 775-7400. Tell them that if called to testify you will invoke your 5th amendment right against self-incrimination. Also tell them you want the charges dropped.

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At the time of the incident I was 16 and when found by the officers they began to question me and told me they would let him go home if I answered truthfully, yet the did not inform me that the state would take over his case. They told me if I answered nothing would happen, so I may had said things that caused this charge. They also didn't inform me of my rights. Later on, someone told me since I was a minor they would have to get consent from my parents before questioning me. Did they need consent ? Now, that I have been searching for answers I come to conclusion not only did his rights get taken away, so did mine. Is it consider taking my right away if I turn 18 and choose to contact him because I never felt assulted ?

James Regan

James Regan


If the case is still open, call his attorney, not him.

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