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Can I evict my tenants for not paying the water bill? Can I count the water bill as unpaid rent?

Franklin, NJ |

The water/sewer bill stays in my name, because it follows the house. As a landlord, I've got stuck with this unpaid bill a lot, and the security deposit doesn't always cover it.

Can I evict tenants for not keeping the water bill paid. It's in my name and effects my credit.
I'm sick of getting stuck paying other people's bills.(Especially losers who don't work!) I work hard, and have enough of my own bills to pay!

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Depends on what your lease says. If the lease makes the tenant liable and calls the water bills additional rent, then it is collectable as additional rent. To discuss the matter call me 908 391 5399


Only if the lease designates the water bill as "additional rent" to be paid by the tenant.