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Can I drive on a ticket? I was given a ticket for Improper Display if Drivers Licnese

Chicago, IL |

I got pulled over before for no insurance and something else and the cop took my license. My license is valid. Then I just got pulled over yesterday and the cop gave me a ticket for improper display of my drivers license. I did not have my drivers license and showed him a ticket. Is it illegal to drive on ticket? The cop took my license before so I did not have one, how can he write me another ticket for not have my drivers license when they took it away? Doesnt this mean i cant drive at all if I dont have my license? what can be done in court?

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You should contest both tickets - and do so ASAP so you don't miss the deadline to contest in court.

Bring proof of insurance to fight the initial ticket. If you didn't have insurance, get some NOW. The judge may go easy if you can show you have current insurance.

Improper display of license usually deals with license plates - not drivers licenses. Is there something wrong with your license plates? Is your registration current and the sticker visible?

I say contest both in court. Bring an attorney with you if possible to help hammer out an agreement or get things dismissed outright.

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contest both


you can drive on a ticket. Get a lawyer to fight it.

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