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Can i drive a vehicle for work if i have an ignition interlock order?

Hemet, CA |

i have an ignition interlock device installed in my vehicle and will have my license back at the end of this week.
Am i able to drive for my employer?
Also, the interlock order states i must have the device installed in any vehicle registered in my name. Does this mean I can drive my wife's car without an interlock?

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Assuming the IID order came from DMV, as a result of a DUI in one of the Pilot Counties of Los Angeles, Alameda, Tulare or Sacramento, there is a specific exception that allows you to drive an employers vehicle without an IID. If you intend to do so, there are certain requirements which DMV's Mandatory Actions Unit can explain before sending you the forms. Their phone number is (916) 657-6525. You will not be able to drive your wife's car without an IID. In fact, I believe the law says, any cars you own or operate must be equiped with an IID.


I am making some assumptions here because I don't have all the details of your case. But if there is an IID order, then that means that you can only drive a car that has a properly maintained and calibrated (and functioning) IID on it. There is a potential exception if it is your employer owned car that you are driving for work purposes, but you would not be able to drive a friends car if it is not properly equipped with an IID during the course of your IID restriction.

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You can drive for your employer if you have complied with the proper Vehicle Code Section. You must have notified your employer of your IID requirement and you must carry the notification you gave your employer with you when driving their vehicle.

Also, you will be required to have an IID on every vehicle you own. If the car is not in your name, and it does not fall under the employer exception, then you cannot drive the car. Check with DMV Mandatory Actions Until to confirm what you can and cannot do before getting behind the wheel of any vehicle.

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