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Can I do something against my father to show my family that he's not a saint and has aboused me about m whole life...

Dover, NH |

My father thinks that he's a saint ands doesn't his ram. But yet he aboused me my whole life and now I can't work because of it I'm scaredofeople etc. but I never said anything against him because of fear and because he used to say he'd hurt my dogs witch were my baby's...but now today it's so much worse the abouse has been over for 2 years now but I still can't function right...he did everything ur sexual abouse...what can I do?

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Attorney answers 2


If you are over 18, your options are limited. You could sue him in Civil Court for intentional infliction of emotional distress and/or battery. That would require evidence and findings that it was more likely then not that he intentionally harmed you and caused you emotional and physical injuries.

If you are still under 18, you can contact CPCS and have Child Services alerted as to what is going on. They should investigate any action that may led to a child at risk of a physical injury.

Either way there are significant consequences to each of those actions and you should talk to an attorney about the up and down sides to the situation.


Are you saying he sexually abused you? If a crime was committed you could press criminal charges (I can't tell from the question exactly what time limits would apply, but sexual assaults against minors have a long time period within which they can be pursued. I agree with the prior response that you should speak with a local attorney to discuss the specifics of your situation and what options you may have.