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Can I do online community service for my probation requirments in Atlsnta, Ga?

Decatur, GA |

I would like to use a paid website and do my community service online. Can I do this if I am on probation in Atlanta?

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Generally the answer is no unless it is specifically approved. You need to contact your probation officer for approval, but I am guessing they either won't respond or will tell you no. Sorry.


While I am unfamiliar with online community service programs, I highly doubt a court, the prosecutor's office, or the probation office would allow you to do community service online, since the point of community service is to give back to the community in a non-profit manner and generally you are expected to do menial labor, as opposed to being able to sit in front of a computer and not work up a sweat or get tired, which is where the "service" aspect comes into play.

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