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Can I do my taxes as head as household? Wife unwilling to sign joint returns.

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I paid for entire household expenses. I am considered unmarried for tax purposes by IRS as my wife is non resident alien for 2012. Do I need a qualifying person other than my wife even if she is a non-resident , for me to be eligible for filing tax as head of household? If I need to have a qualifying dependent, can I claim my parents living in a different country as I paid for their living there (they are not here in our country in 2012)- but they do not have any SSN or ITIN?

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You need to consult a local tax professional.


You should carefully read IRS Publication 501. On the one hand you can claim your parents even if they do not live with you. On the other hand, it appears that they do not qualify unless they are U.S. citizens or residents. That wasn't entirely clear from reading the publication as quickly as I glanced through it; but that appears to be the thrust of it. Spend some time reading it.



Thanks Attorney Givner, to file as head of household do I still need a qualifying person other than my wife even if she is a non-resident?

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