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Can i do inpatient treatment center instead of dmv court ordered dui classes?

Long Beach, CA |

i got my 2nd dui in first i was a minor so the court said i was only convicted of 1 dui and sent me to first offenders class i completed it but the dmv refused to honor saying i infact have 2 dui's and in california i have to take 18 month class.i refused &have never had a license again i need one im 38 yrs old 2005 i put myself in an 18 month inpatient treatment center i completed the program& have documentaion to support this.i have been sober for 4 years and want my license back i heard the dmv will count the 18 months i spent in treatment as completion of their 18 month class requirement to get it back,anyone know if this is true?if so do i just take a treatment complete letter to the dmv to get my license reinstated from my 1994 conviction??thanks so much!!

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Congratulations on tackling an alcohol problem. Unfortunately, the DMV will not substitute an 18-month in-patient treatment program for the 18-month alcohol school, unless that program was licensed pursuant to Section 11836 of the Health and Safety Code Section . You should check with the in-patient program, and find out if they are licensed under Section 11836-if they are, that would satisfy the DMV 18-month requirement; if they are not, the DMV will still require you to complete an 18-month program. In addition to checking with the in-patient program, and you could also call the DMV Mandatory Unit in Sacramento at (916) 657-6525. Good luck.


Mindy is correct; however, you should see if you can qualify for a restricted driver's license, this may make doing the program easier, as you would be able to get to and from it with a valid driver's license. The restriction would also allow you to drive to, from, and within the course and scope of your employment. Some bills have passed over the years, for which you may qualify for such a restriction. Someone at DMV MAU should be able to assist you with an answer to that question. If you are not getting clear answers, consider contacting a DUI attorney who deals with these types of issues.

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