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Can I do Biometrics in a different USCIS field office than in the my letter of appointment?

Omaha, NE |

i have appointment for my biometrics for next week in omaha, NE filed office and I am out of town in in another state for about 4 week from know. and I can not do the biometrics on time at Omaha, Ne. Can I do this biomatric on the city where i am now. my original appointment was this week and I request reschedule my appoitment but the send my another appointment time for next week and i still could not make it next week on Omaha office. which better option to go with now to reschedule another time and it could be the week after next week which is not going to work with me, or to go to my current location filed office, and which better to go walk in or in my appointment time for this office.

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Yes, it is possible to appear at a different office and explain your situation. You may want to consult with an immigration attorney in the local area to confirm local procedures at the ASC.

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Generally, you are expected to attend the biometrics appointment at the support center noted in the notice, but my clients have encountered similar issues and have been fortunate enough to get their biometrics at other support centers. Go to the support center in the area where you are prior to the appointment date to see if they will do it there. You probably should make an infopass appointment to do so to avoid longer waits and so that they will let you in. If they will not allow it, then you still have time to attend the scheduled biometrics appointment in Omaha.Good luck!


I wouldn't attempt that if I were you; you don't want your biometrics file to be "lost or misplaced" somewhere in transit, do you? Just reschedule for a month from now if its so difficult...

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Let them know so that the appointment can work in the city you in.

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