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Can I do anything to get my son back after the courts involuntarily terminated my rights and now the adoptive mother has passed

Holly, MI |

In short, I messed up ten yrs ago, I have been home almost 4 yrs now, have daughter fulltime and another who i share custody with her father, my son is the oldest he'll be 15, the state terminated my rights n he was adopted yet the adoptive mom passed away, he is now in care of his aunt(thru the adopted mother) he is unhappy n wants to be with his true family, I am in college n have a nice home, I just want my family back, I need ur help pls help me bring my son home n out of the ghetto.... thanks you so much

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No. unless the aunt gives you guardianship.


No, at least not get custody if you're rights have been terminated.

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Unfortunately, the termination of parental rights is permanent and absolute. I am not sure what the state of your relationship with your son is currently, but the fact that you have no parental rights does nor prevent you from having a relationship with the child provided the aunt approves. Regardless, when he turns 18 he is free to reestablish a relationship with you if he so chooses.

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