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Can I do a 1 year hard suspension on my license and receive a restricted licence, or do I have to get he ignition interlock?

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I have 2 dui convictions from 2010. I'm almost finished with my 18 month program and I'm looking to get my license back. last year I was told that I could do 1 year hard suspension in leu of the IID, but when I went to get my license I was told that that was no longer true.

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Shortened Driver License Suspension/Revocation - Optional DMV IID

If you have been convicted of a second or subsequent DUI violation and have completed at least one year of your DUI suspension/revocation you may qualify for a restricted driver license if you meet these requirements:

- Install an IID on your vehicle and provide DMV with a "Verification of Installation" Ignition Interlock (DL 920) form.

- Clear all other outstanding suspensions/revocations on your driving record.

- Comply with a DUI program's requirements and have the program provider submit either a Proof of - -Enrollment Certificate (DL 107) or Notice of Completion Certificate (DL 101) form to DMV (whichever applies to your case).

- Submit an Insurance Proof Certificate (SR 22) form issued by your auto insurance company to DMV establishing proof of financial responsibility.

- Pay all required fees, including the $15 IID restriction fee.

- Effective July 1, 2010, legislation allows a shorter suspension/revocation period for a second or third DUI offender who installs an IID and receives an IID restricted license after a mandatory suspension/revocation period, if the most recent violation of CVC §23152 occurred on or after July 1, 2010, and did not involve the use of drugs.

- Second DUI Offenders — whose violation involved alcohol only may reinstate after a 90-day suspension with proof of enrollment in a DUI program.

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When were you convicted of the 2nd offense DUI? before or after July 1, 2010? Also, what county were your DUI's in? If your 2nd DUI was after July 1, 2010 and in Los Angeles County (or one of the 3 other pilot counties), you will be required by DMV to get an IID for 1 year. It is possible to get exemptions from it, but the DMV appears to be requiring the IID installation at some point if you want to get your full license back (even if you sit out the first year). You can verify with the DMV Mandatory Actions Unit. I have checked with them in the past and was given the above answer.

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