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Can I dispute my divorce attorney's bill?

Toledo, OH |

Recently went through divorce. Paid atty $2000 retainer. Our agreement states that she will notify and bill me immediately if I exceed the retainer. 2 months after the divorce was final I received my only bill and it is $3200 above the retainer. Do I have any recourse?

I have received an itemized bill and I have found many discrepancies that I can prove with signed contracts, cancelled checks, phone bills etc. My other point is how can she not notify me when I went above the retainer. According to her bill, I was above that before our first court appearance. Also, if both attorney's agree on a continuance, can she charge me for a 90 min court appearance??

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Attorney answers 1


I would send the attorney a certified letter requesting a detailed accounting of the time the attorney is claiming to have spent on the case.