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Can I dispute doctor's charges?

Malden, MA |

I received a bill for bloodwork after my doctor sent me for blood tests for $1200. I went to one of the blood drawing sites my doctor told me I had to go to. Now I am being told that I owe that money because the lab my doctor (who is in my insurance network) sent my blood to is not covered under my plan. I have now also received two other bills for the doctor's visit itself and the doctor who evaluated my results which after insurance I owe $500 for. My insurance company has been no help, telling me that I should have demanded my blood tests be handled by someone else, which I didn't even know I could/had to do. What can I do to contest these bills?

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Call your doctor's office and explain the situation and ask them if they will consider writing off or providing a discount for the bill. Although there is no legal requirement that the doctor advise you whether or not a particular lab will accept your insurance, many offices are concerned with patient satisfaction and will be willing to work with you to resolve this problem.


As the prior respondent indicated, call your doctor's office first. Explain your confusion of why you would be receiving a bill after they referred you to the site for service. Hopefully, you have evidence of their referral. Give them a chance to resolve the issue. If they are unable to resolve the issue, contact the site that drew the blood and ask them why they are not able to draw blood for the insurance you have. As a last resort, your insurance likely has a provision for covering expenses out of network. There is normally a large deductible associated with these expenses. Furthermore, your insurance provider should have some type of an appeal process that you should investigate.

Good Luck!