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Can I discontinue Alimony payments if my ex-wife's boyfriend stays overnight multiple times a week.

Wilmington, NC |

They are sharing a bed and my kids are in the house. He is accompanying them on family vacations and spending holidays together. He has a key to her house and helps her with chores concerning my children.

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The question is whether the boyfriend cohabits with her. If this is court ordered alimony and she cohabits it could terminate her alimony. It takes more than a few overnights. The boyfriend must actually assume marital type obligations such as helping pay bills, buying groceries, etc.

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I agree with Mr. Kelso and to add this: NEVER cease these payments until you receive legal advice from an attorney you hire and/or you get an order from Court terminating your obligation to make payments.


Payment of alimony is by a court order. Until such time as that order is no longer in effect, one complies with their valid court order. If you believe there is evidence to have the order changed, retain counsel of your choice and present your case to the court.