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Can I defer my current credit card debt while I go back to graduate school?

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I have roughly $4500 worth of credit card debt, that I have not paid on in roughly 90 days because I stopped working to get a doctorate in pharmacy (Pharm D). My student loan company allowed me to defer my payment until I finish school. Can I do this with credit card debt? If I can't, what is the worst case scenario I am facing for not paying while I attend school full time?

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Unfortunately, I know of no program with credit card companies where you can defer paying debt because you are enrolled as a student.

In addition to the damage to your credit score caused by missing payments, the credit card companies may ultimately sue you to collect on the outstanding balance. I would encourage you to talk to a local attorney about options to deal with your debt.

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A credit card company is not required to defer your debt while you are in graduate school. The amount is relatively low now, but will grow quickly at he default rate of interest on the card.

You should set up some kind of payment plan or see if a friend or family member can help you out with the debt. If you do not take care of this, it will ruin your credit, you will spend a fortune on interest and penalties, and you will probably get sued.

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No credit card company that I know of allows you to defer payments while you are in school. If you default they will try to collect or later sue on the defaulted debt.

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