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Can i convert my l2 EAD to l1 and travel during the conversion?

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My husband is on l1b visa working for employerA and now his l1-h1 COS is approved from employer-B which is effective from oct1st.I am on l2 EAD working for a company.I would like to continue to work.

I have few questions

1. Can my employer file for change of status from l2 EAD to L1 while my husband's l1-h1COS is approved?I have worked for the same employer for 1 year in last 3 years.
2. How much time does it take to change the status?
3. With my husband's l1-h1 COS approval and my l2-l1 conversion in progress, can we travel outside US and re-enter on l2 EAD and my husband on l1 status before oct1st.

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Your questions are too case specific to expect an answer in this forum. Locate an attorney in your area - or anywhere because immigration practice is federal - and get a full consultation OR contact the immigration attorney from Employer B and ask him/her.


It is never wise to travel while paperwork is pending.

Talk to the immigration attorney working for the most recent company. Do NOT talk to a non-attorney in HR.

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Your narrow questions to the pending intertwined immigration issues suggest only one assumption:
You are trying to substitute a retention of one good immigration attorney for all of your underlined issues with a how to do imperfect substitute from a number of random counsels on line.
This will not ever work.
Your issues require a full in person review of all your filings, submissions, documents and facilitated correspondence by one knowledgeable immigration attorney.

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If you worked for them for 1 year outside the US, you will qualify.

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