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Can I contest a speeding ticket for allegedly going 56 in a 30 MPH zone?

Seattle, WA |

Is there any way I can get this ticket reduced since it's my third traffic violation this year?

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Every ticket is different. No attorney can honestly tell you they can get your ticket dismissed with this little information. There are too many variables - what law enforcement agency gave you the ticket? Was the cop using a speed measuring device like a laser or radar gun? Or did they pace you with their car or motorcycle? Maybe an airplane was used to determine your speed.
In some courts prosecutors are present, and the attorney might have the option to negotiate a reduced charge for you. In other courts there is no prosecutor, and your attorney will try to make legal motions to limit the evidence, or otherwise argue that the evidence is not sufficient to show that you committed the infraction.
A good attorney will know the courts in your area and be able to answer some general questions about your case. However, to give a specific legal opinion the attorney will need to see the discovery in your case, which includes at a minimum a copy of the ticket and a copy of a report written by the officer who issued the ticket.
GIven the speed you were traveling and the fact that this is your third ticket this year, I highly recommend that you speak to an attorney who handles traffic infractions before proceeding further with your case.


Your best course of action would be to retain qualified legal counsel to handle the matter. An attorney experienced in traffic matters can usually have the ticket dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation.


An attorney can challenge your speeding ticket. The defenses that are available apply whether you are going 2 mph over v. 26 mph over the limit. Hire an attorney who regularly handles speeding tickets and they can evaluate your case and explore options with you.


I agree with my colleagues, hire an experienced traffic infractions attorney to defend you.

The information on this website is not intended to be legal advice.


I would agree with my fellow attorneys. No matter what the speed was there could be issues with the officer's report or if there is no other option, see if you are eligible for a deferred findings.

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