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Can I contest "speed not reasonable and prudent" and "disobeying traffic control device" tickets?

Rye, NY |

After passing 2 "lane closed" trucks, I re-entered the lane thinking it was open. However, upon seeing a 3rd "lane closed" truck, I tried to merge back into my original lane. The opening I found near the truck was blocked when the driver sped up to not let me back in. As a result, I crashed into the "lane closed truck." Shocked from experiencing my 1st accident, I told the cop that arrived afterward I was going 55mph (the speed limit), but I probably overstated the amount, as the airbag did not deploy. I received 2 tickets because my speed did not follow "common sense" and the cop could not "think of other tickets to write." Although there were workers in the truck, I did not see any on the road upon deciding how to rectify the mistake of entering the lane. Can I contest the tickets?

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You can definitely contest these charges based on several grounds. There are both procedural and substantive grouds upon which we can base a defense. Together, your facing 5 points. It is advisable to seek professional help.

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Law Office of Terri b Kalker



You can and should contest these two tickets. The speed unreasonably prudent tickets is 3 points and the disobey traffic device ticket is 2 points. There are many ways to obtain a more favorable results.

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Matthew Weiss, Esq


You have a good and valid defense. Hire an experienced traffic attorney who is local to the court in which the ticket is returnable. You may have a good chance of success.

Good luck.