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Can i complete a dui class in 3 months

Elgin, IL |

i had 6 months to get an evaluation and complete classes. i havent done either and i have 3 months left

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It would depend on your determined risk level. I strongly advise you to get that evaluation asap and start the treatment. The minimal is 10 hours and you may be able to get that done if that is what is recommended. You do not want to risk a violation of your sentence. Show the court good faith and at least get started with the evaluation.


It all depends what classification your are given by the alcohol evaluator. The possible hours for DUI classes are either 10, 20, 30 or 75 hours. If you are told by the evaluator to complete the lower amount of hours, you can get it done in 3 monhts. I highly suggest that you get moving asap, as failure to do so may result in you being petitioned back to court and being resentenced.


Everything depends on what level treatment is required. You will not know until after you get evaluated. If you have not completed treatment in time, you should appear in court and request an extension of time, because if you received supervision and you do not receive additional time, you are looking at a conviction and revocation of your driver's license.o

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