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Can I collect unemployment since I lost my job due to my condition bad heart..and still apply for disability?

Hillsdale, MI |

I had open heart surgery last year. I was released back to work on light duty. I worked for 10 months and my work let me go because they could no longer support me on light duty. I have been experiencing side effects from my surgery and am undergoing some more testing. I need to have unemployment.. but I need to see if I can get disability for the long term.

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Receiving unemployment benefits can be a problem if you have a claim for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) because you are making two inconsistent statements:

1) To get unemployment benefits, you are claiming that you are able to work, but cannot find a job.
2) To get Social Security disability benefits, you are claiming that you cannot perform any type of work at a substantial gainful activity level (generally full time work).

It is possible to get both unemployment and Social Security disability benefits because of the different standard of work required under unemployment vs Social Security disability.

BUT, trying to get both may turn off Social Security and hurt one's chances of winning a case.