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Can I collect my Washington unemployment benefits if I accepted a job and quit after 30 days?

South Bend, WA |

I quit due to changes in contract, unsafe working conditions and verbal abuse. I was offered a partnership
with 33% interest and a wage to develop a business plan, gain funding and execute the plan. The owner
never followed through with the ownership contract, he did not properly build the kitchen .. i got electrocuted 3 times, a wall mounted shelf full of dishes fell on my head the floor was continuously flooding and none of the used equipment (he insisted on using) worked yet he also insisted we open. He mismanaged the loan and was unable to pay for the basic needs of the restaurant or the employees. I left and he is still using my menu and concept and gained a lot my labor for free. I also want info on creative property if possible.

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The way to find out if you can collect unemployment is to make your application to the Employment Security Department. (See link below.)
You may possibly have a cause of action for breach of contract. You would have to speak with an attorney about the details and particulars of your specific circumstances to make that determination. If you sue somebody, you have the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence every element of your allegations, including the extent of your damages.

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