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Can I collect death benefits from my fathers Social Security now that he has passed to cover the Child support he never paid.

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The only Social Security "death benefit" is the modest $255 available to a surviving spouse and possibly "survivor's benefits" for a qualifying surviving spouse or dependent. Your father's estate, if any, may be liable for the child support if it was court-ordered, but as a general rule child support is never payable to the child. The right to collect belongs to the other parent.

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In general, no. SS benefits are only paid to the person who paid into the system, and that ends at his or her death (other than the $255 my colleague mentioned). The only other benefit I can think of for you is disabled adult child benefits - if you are currently disabled AND if he wa on SS benefits (retirement or disability) before he died.

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When you were a minor and your father was on Social Security Disability, you could have been awarded dependent benefits or if you were a minor when he died. However, it appears that is not sure situation since you are now an adult. So, it appears there is no dependent Social Security benefits for you as an adult.

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