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Can I charge someone with rape if it happened 7 years ago in GA?

Atlanta, GA |

I was 12 years old when I was walking in my apartment complex and was forced into a car by 3 big men. I was taken to another complex and raped by the leader/driver of the group. I know this is also kidnapping. They guy looked to be in his 30's.I was stalked for about two weeks daily after the incident. The Bf of my fiance's children's mom sent a text to my fiance's cell phone stating he was "f*&king" me at 12" I never knew who my rapist was and I never reported it, nor did I ever tell anyone. Can I charge this man with rape? I am 19, He lives in FL now and the Rape happened in GA. What can I do this man continues to disrupt my life and cause me a lot of stress.

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Yes, you can report it to the police; it will be up to them to decide whether to arrest and charge the person.


I agree with Mr. Pines; report the matter to the police without further delay, and do not post anymore facts about your situation on this public website or anywhere else on the Internet, including social media like Facebook. I would also recommend that you explore counseling to help your deal with your trauma. Burying it is not dealing with it, and needing help is okay. Good luck. Btw, because of the sort of "family" nature of the possible perpetrator I would not mention this to anyone or that you are reporting it to the police.


Generally there is a statute of limitations on rape, but this was child molestation, as well, and as you were the child, once you attained the age of majority you have the right to pursue those charges for a limited period of time after reaching 18. I'm not certain of the process, but you may want to start at a rape crisis center. They should be able to offer counseling and may even have some contacts with the local authorities or the prosecutor's victim assistance counselors that could help you through the process. I believe it needs to be pursued in the county where the incident first took place. Hopefully, pursuing the matter will provide you with some closure. Good Luck

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