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Can I charge my wife with perjury for giving a false financial affidavit under oath during our divorce?

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If not, is there any thing else I can do? Can I turn her affidavit into the IRS? I am sure they want to know where the tax money is.

All of my wife's financial affidavit is a lie. Every number is fake. Also, she's added money to items, like $203.39 for a $200.00 item. She did that for everything. Maybe a lawyer told her to do that so that it looked legit. But when adding it up, she shows $40,000 instead of $110,000. She always lies and gets me in trouble.

There is a car that she sold and it does not show up anywhere. It was sold for over $10,000. She only shows $50 in cash. I want to stop this and bring perjury charges against her. I need to do something to stop her lying! The sad thing is, it looks like she's getting away with it. I believe this is criminal.

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Only a prosecutor can charge someone with perjury. You can file a motion for contempt in the family court or turn the information over to authorities. But be careful, as you may unknowingly cause yourself more harm as well.

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Pursuant to Fla.Fam.L.R.P. 12.285, you (as well as the opposing party) are entitled to bank records and credit card statements which will verify or help disprove the figures stated on the financial affidavit.


You yourself cannot bring charges of perjury against her. However, you can use other documents and records in a hearing to show the court that her financial affidavit is wrong and what the true amounts are.

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