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Can I charge my tenant for paint and carpet cleaning after they move out?

Elgin, IL |

My tenant has ruin my carpet between all of her cats and being just plain dirty. My walls need to be painted again before I can even put it up for rent. What can I or cant I charge her for, because she is wanting her full deposit back

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In Texas, my experience has been that paint & carpeting are considered ordinary wear and tear, and not something that a landlord can charge the tenant for. You'll probably want to limit yourself to actual damage to the property.


There's ordinary wear and tear, and then there's abuse. If you allowed a pet without a pet deposit (many landlords simply make it non-refundable to allow for this kind of situation), you may be held to have assumed a level of pet "mess". But if the place needs a complete repainting and areas of the carpet are soiled beyond shampooing after a 1 year lease, that sounds like abuse. But remember you must return the deposit and/or with deductions/estimates and follow up with paid receipts within the statutory period, or you could be liable for full return plus a penalty!!! PS take pictures too......

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The issue is whether the "wear and tear" is "ordinary" or not. Ordinary wear and tear is typically the cost of doing business as a landlord. Pets urinating on carpets and walls is not ordinary.