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Can I charge my sister with thief?

Philadelphia, PA |

My mother died. During the search of her home 8000 dollars in cash was found.There were 4 people in the room.It was decided that my sister would take control of the money and share it in equal parts after may mothers bills where paid. But my sister took the money and kept every dime.What can I do legally, can I have her arrested for thief? or do I have to sue-or can I sue.

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Anyone can go to a Magistrate to ask for a warrant to be taken out. However, in this fact scenario, most judges would view this as a civil dispute. Did your mom have a will? Did your sister in fact use the money to pay bills? Most magistrates would not sign a warrant on these facts. My legal advice is to sue your sister in small claims court for your share of the money. My personal advice is to sit down and discuss the situation with your sister and the other family members before ruining the relationship.


No individual can charge another with a crime. That can only be done by the District Attorney's Office for local matters such as this. The only thing that you can do is report it. However, that may or may not be appropriate in this case. What may be more appropriate is a civil action for the money owed. What may be most appropriate is some sort of mediation (either formal or informal) since this does involve a personal relationship.

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