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Can I charge a fee to GreyStone Alliance for delivering messages to one of their debtors

Clayton, OK |

GreyStone Alliance keeps calling me and asking if I will deliver a message to my son that does not live with me.they want me to have him call them.I asked for their billing address and they would not give it to me but just before they hung up they asked me to deliver the message again. I charge $500.00 for delivering messages. Can I send them a bill and expect to get payed and if I don't get payed can i turn them over to a debt collection agency.

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It might be worth a try, except that you don't appear to have a contract with GreyStone Alliance & $500 isn't a reasonable fee to deliver a message.

Hope this perspective helps!


Tell GreyStone you will not deliver a message to your son unless they pay you $500 in advance. Don't hold your breath waiting for the money, but maybe they will stop calling you about your son's debt.

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Send them a certified letter telling them that your son does not live with you and to stop contacting you. if they continue to contact you after that, document it and go see your local attorney about suing them for violating Oklahoma's Consumer Protection Act.

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