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Can I change the Rep Payee for my child's social security?

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My ex applied for Social Security for our daughter. She is now the rep payee for her, however, she does not pay any of the child's medical expenses related to the "disability" and I also pay support to her, I do not know if that matters. Since I am the one that pays for the medical expenses related to our daughters "disability" I would like to know if I would be able to get the rep payee changed from her mother to myself. We have shared 50/50 custody.

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Social Security has formal policies for the appointment and replacement of a rep. payee. There is a sensible preference for the adult with whom the child lives, among other factors. If you are required to pay support to the mother by state court order, that could be an important factor in the SSA decision.

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You can apply to ssa and give them all the information to support your case.

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It can be done but you will have to go through some fairly minor red tape with the social security administration. Go to and use their search function.


Paula Sinclair always does a great job answering these questions. The only thing I would add is a sort of macro understanding of factors. We now live in a world where all factors are considered. Pretty much anything is a factor, whether it's race, sex, money, jobs, yada yada. All of these factors fall under the "best interest of the child" standard for most child based adjudications Nevertheless, the SSA has additional standards that you will get to go through. The whole point here is to write down these factors when you can think of them, and present those factors to an attorney. The attorney will be able to figure out what will help and hurt your case. Like Mrs. Sinclair stated, when you are paying the medical expenses, when those funds are to be used in part for said medical expenses…this may create a "factor." Think of factors as bricks in a wall for your case-

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