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Can I change my name after bankruptcy?

New York, NY |

I've filed back in January, my case has been discharged. I never liked my name and would like to finally change it. Is this possible? I would like to drop my first name, use my middle name as my first, add a middle name and use my relatives last name instead of my current. What should I do? am I stuck with this name for the rest of my life? thanks!!

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You can certainly apply to have your name changed after your bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy will not affect your ability to change your name. I suggest consulting with a family law attorney or a general pratice attoreny as they may deal frequently with name changes. It is a relatively simple process in Missouri, and I assume it is not much different in New York.

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Changing your name should not affect your bankruptcy. As suggested, you can contact a family law attorney or you may even be able to get the necessary forms directly from the courthouse and do it yourself.

Good luck.


After you receive your name change, file a Change of Name/Address form with your local bankruptcy court.


Certainly. New life; new name. Sounds good tome.


Unlike my colleagues who answered, I really live and work here. Name changes in New York City are handled in the Civil Court, and are now meant to be done without a lawyer. Go to the New York State Court website, and go to the DIY forms section. Bring the forms to your local county civil court. Any questions and the clerk can help you. The biggest cost will be the ad you need to place in a local paper. The paper is chosen by the court, and like anything in the media in NYC, it is expensive. Bankruptcy has nothing to do with this issue.

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