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Can I change my last name on my social security card to my maiden name without getting a divorce ?

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I have my EAD card and my deferred action notice approval in my maiden name but my social security card in my married last name. I don't want to go through the whole process of applying for another EAD card because I just got this card one month ago and I don't want to pay all over again . Can I just change my last name to my maiden name on my social security and then once my two years are over can I just reapply and change my last name .

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I would try. My advice is to go in person to the Social Security Office and explain the situation and see what they advise.

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You might not even need to change anything, just carry with you the legal document that shows your change of name (presumably your marriage certificate) so whoever looks at these documents can figure out it's the same person. If your married name is in fact your current legal name, then you should not try to change it back to your maiden name on your social security card, as such is not an accurate action, without a legal change of name. Once your 2 years are up and you need to renew your EAD, then just apply for renewal under your legal (married) name. I am assuming here that there is a reason the EAD is under one name and the SS card under a different one - is it because you got married in between? If not, you might have to change the EAD.

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Contact the Social Security office in person bringing evidence of your name, they may assist you.


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Social Security will issue the card under your legal name. If you legally changed your name when you married, then you can go to court and have your name changed back *without* divorcing your husband. The cost and time involved in a name change vary widely from place to place, so call your county courthouse to check.

However, you will probably be fine with the different names for now as long as you show employer some evidence that you changed your name at marriage to explain the discrepancy. Then when it comes time to renew your EAD again, you can ask them to issue it in the married name.

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