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Can I change my last name on my green card after i get divorced?

Santa Ana, CA |

i got my conditional green card through marriage to a US citizen. In August 2009 we filed to remove condition on my green card and now i got my permanent green card for 10 years. My husband and I have been married for 3 years and after a year of marriage slowly our relationship is going downhill. we both are trying our best to compromise and make this relationship work but nothing seems to be working anymore. We are talking about divorce. I was just wondering in case we got divorced can i change my last name on my greencard? i know i can file for naturalization after 3 years of being a permanent resident through marriage but it doesn't seem like we are gona be together longer. Is the divorce gonna affect when i file for naturalization on my own after 5 years of being a permanent resident?

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Hi, Yes you could change your name on your greencard if you provide a final judgment of the divorce showing that the judge has granted your change of name back to your maiden name after the divorce.....

And as far as becoming a US citizen, if you divorce you will have to wait the 5 years. Remember you could submit your application 3 months before the 5th year anniversary.

Good Luck.


Yes, if you feel the need to change your name on your green card, you can request that it be changed by submitting a specific form with supporting documentation.

And yes, you will now be subject to the 5 year period as opposed to the 3 year period.