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Can I change my address after filing for I-485?

Bethlehem, PA |

Hi Experts,
I am in the process of filing for I-485(change of status). I might be moving to a different address after a month after the I-485 filing.

Now my question is

(1) Can i change the address once I file for I-485? (I heard one of my friend saying do not move once you apply till you get the process completed.Not sure whether this is genuine information)

(2) For changing the address what is the process that I need to follow?

(3) Will there be any impact on the I-485 filing because of the address change?

Thanks for all the valuable responses.


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Yes, you should file form AR-11 available on You do not say if this I-485 is family based or employment based. If it is based on a marriage-based application, please be aware that if you move to another district then the file may have to be transferred there and that may delay the adjudication process.

Good luck.

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An address change ist not a problem. You must file Form AR-11. File online through by providing receipt numbers for your applications.


if you move out of the district then the file will get transferred. gee aos happens so fast cant you wait a little longer? if you are staying with in the district not a problem. if you are separating from a spouse there might a problem.

The advice that I give in each answer or legal is not intended to take the place of an in person consultation. A complete answer takes an in depth interview. After all, it is a life that is at stake. If you are in another city that I do not service ask me and I might be able to recommend you an attorney there. In general, in Houston, I recommend Adan Vega or Bruce Coane, Specialists. In Dallas I recommend Richard Fernandez or Yong Wood highly skilled and experienced.



Hi Thomas, I couldn't understand the "district" part. My move will in the same state of Illinois. Do i need to transfer from one center to another even if i am moving with in the same state?


Yes, you can change your address, and you would then file the AR-11. Should not be a problem, but it if is a different district, you may consider waiting until you move to file.

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The other answers adequately answer your question.

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