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Can I change j1 to f1 visa without finishing the program for j1?

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I am an aupair with J1 visa and this is my second year. I extended my program in March 2012 so visa is valid tilll March 2013. However I would like to apply to school now and change my status from J1 to F1. Is it possible since I will leave the program without finishing it? I talked to one school but they told me I need a letter from agency saying that I finished the program. Of course I cant get this letter as I havent finished it. So, I hope that maybe its still possible to do it without the letter or I will have to wait till March 2013? My visa doesnt have 2 years restriction.

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You are under the 'control' of your J program sponsor.

You should talk to an attorney to make sure that you don't 'blow' it.

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