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Can I challenge the court appointed counselor findings based on inaccurate and lies given to her by ex husband that were mislead

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Ex husband lied about not having any arrest or criminal record when asked

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You should probably submit documentation to the court-appointed counselor or to the court directly showing that your ex has a criminal record. You can also cross-examine the counselor at trial and ask her about inconsistencies or omissions in her report.

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You definitely want to bring this information to the court and the counselor's attention. Be sure you have the documentation to support this information, so it's not a "he said, she said" situation.

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If he misled the counselor or withheld information and you can prove it, then first bring it to the attention of the counselor. You'll also want to present the information to the court at the final hearing. Of course, I am assuming that the criminal history is relevant. If he lied about having traffic tickets or a shoplifting charge twenty years ago, then everyone will just think you are being petty because that would be completely irrelevant to anything that the court is considering (assuming we aren't talking about 5 speeding tickets within the last year or something that would place children at danger when in his care).

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