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Can I challenge real estate property Assessed Value?

Moses Lake, WA |

Grant County, Washington. Our residential land value was reassessed at the end of 2011, resulting in a 400% increase in the value. The notice from the Assessor contained a note that the value could be appealed, but that the appeal must be filed "before July 1 of the assessment year or 30 days from the date of this notice, whichever is later". I mistakenly assumed that the assessment year was 2012, as I had already paid the property taxes for 2011. I thought I had until July 1 to file the appeal. However when I went to the Board of Equalization's website to get the appeal forms, there was a note that stated "Appeals must be filed before January 12, 2012. My question is, since I apparently missed the deadline, do I have further options for disputing the assessed value?

My basis for the appeal is the assessed land value (not the dwelling) on my property. I have a 1/4 acre lot. My neighbors have 1/2 acre lots, and my lot is valued at the same amount ($40,000) as theirs.

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If it is too late to appeal at your county board of equalization, you may be able to appeal either the valuation or for a refund of taxes paid as a result of an error in the assessment (lot valued at a larger size) at the state Board of Tax Appeals. I am not sure what the cutoff is there, or whether your situation satisfies the necessary grounds, but it is worth inquiring.

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