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Can I cancel a new 3yr car lease if if the engine cuts out on accelerating turns and dealer shut off cause Trac control system.

Utica, NY |

In Oct. 2012 I got a new 3yr. vehicle lease. I reported problem to dealer within 5,000 miles. I have an intermitten dangerous problem. The engine cuts out on accelerated turns, like turning at intersections, off ramps onto highways, and from stops onto highways. I never know if I am going to get hit in the vehicle's rear.
I contacted national distributor. I have two case numbers. I took car to dealer as per national Tech's requst for service & investigation. Before leaving dealer I found and reported they turned off my Traction Control system. The owner's manual says system will not work under certain conditions. I reported to Nat. Highway . found other similar complaints. Other dealer says Trac control computer can't tell a skid from an accerated turn. Car under warr. can I sue for breach

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New York has what is called a "lemon law." You can find the actual law here: It sounds to me, that merely turning off the Traction Control System is not a valid repair since you are being deprived of a feature available at the time your lease was signed. Take a few minutes to review New York's Lemon Law (GBL 198-a) checklist: . You should consult with a consumer rights attorney in your area.